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Make Bed More Comfortable to follow those tricks

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There are certain factors that affect sleep like the atmosphere and activities done for the day. It’s a fact that adults need at least eight hours of sleep, and the sleep pattern has to be consistent. It’s actually not a good idea to sleep late and wake up late on weekends since it causes an imbalance in your sleep pattern.

The quickest way to make sure you get a sound sleep is to take care of your bedroom. Make it the exact place you want to stay in forever.

How to Get Comfortable In Bed

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Following those to make your bed cozy

Prepare your bedroom

Start creating that relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom by arranging your bed sheets and changing to new blankets. Clear out all unnecessary items like your gadgets that don’t contribute to a good night’s rest.

Make some enhancements

Need more help on how to get comfortable in bed? You can enhance your bedroom and improve the quality of your sleep with these top proven methods according to sleep psychology:

  • Establish a dark and cool atmosphere. Getting thick curtains or opening your windows can let cool air in for a more pleasant sleep experience. It also helps to pick cooler bed sheet tones like blue and gray and dimming the lights.
  • Pick pillows according to your preference. Some of us want our pillows extra soft or just right; others prefer functional pillows like therapeutic pillows which help improve posture. You also have to consider the material used in the pillow like wool, which some people are allergic to.
  • Go for a soundproof bedroom. External sounds like birds’ tweeting, vehicular noise or even music and chatting from the other room can keep you awake, especially if you’re in an apartment. If you have the budget for renovations, you can ask for professional help in installing adhesives on your walls that’ll make your bedroom soundproof.
  • Make Bedroom cozy. Most people consider their bedroom as their favorite place in the house. And that is all for a good reason. The bedroom is where we relax after a long, tedious day of hustle and bustle. It’s where we final get ready to plunge in a deep slumber bringing the sweetest dreams to life.

Make yourself comfortable by not taking tasks and a cup of coffee in bed

Most people lack sleep because they don’t know how to get comfortable in bed.

Some ways you can avoid this is by skipping a cup of coffee in the afternoon or doing a last-minute task on your list. You can write down things to do and set it aside for tomorrow, so you won’t bring it with you in bed.

Eat right and exercise regularly.

Discover how to get comfortable in bed by eating fiber-rich foods like oats, bananas, and raisins. They aid in fast metabolism and burn calories before you hit the sack. Also, metabolism rate decreases as you grow old, so it’s always good to exercise regularly to help speed up digestion.

Prevent insomnia and other sleep disorders by eating these vitamin-dha-rich foods:

  • Lettuce – Lettuce contains lactucarium that has natural sedative properties.
  • Cheese – Munching daily on dairy products like cheese helps your brain produce sleep-inducing melanin through an acid found in dairy called “tryptophan”.
  • Walnuts – This healthy nut also contains tryptophan just like most dairy products.
  • Almonds – This crunchy nut contains magnesium, a mineral that supports better sleep.
  • Tuna – Tuna is high in B6, a vitamin that generates melatonin and serotonin.
  • Chamomile Tea – This tea is mild sedative which is commonly used by flight attendants and other travelers to sleep despite the commotion.
  • Jasmine Rice – This kind of rice has a high glycemic index that’ll give you a good night’s rest.

Take a short nap.

Get comfortable in bed when you’ve been deprived of a good night’s rest?

Counter it by taking a 20-30 minute nap in the middle of the afternoon to regain your strength. This will also avoid oversleeping at night which can make you feel hazy once you wake up.

Keep electronic gadgets away from your bed.

Electronic gadgets like your mobile phones emit blue light which can ruin sleep. Prolonged exposure can also lead to poor eyesight.

Download apps that promote better sleep.

Keep track of your sleeping pattern by utilizing iPhone apps like Bedtime or Sleepy Time on Android that will remind you what time you need to sleep and wake you up on time with soft sounds.

Start a healthy and regular sleeping habits.

One way to end a bad habit before sleeping is to start a good habit of praying or meditation a few minutes before you sleep. Relax your mind and leave stress behind. Think of good thoughts and be grateful for the day that passed.

These pieces of advice on how to get comfortable in bed must be scheduled daily in your calendar, so you can monitor your progress.