Humidifiers – Buying Guide and Important Facts

Humidifiers can do a lot for you if you know what they are for and you choose the right one for your home. You can’t just buy a random house humidifier without thinking of factors such as efficiency and quality of the product.

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For your sake, remember these things before you go ahead and purchase a humidifier.

The first thing you need to know about humidifiers is that when you go a store to ask the retailer about what area the humidifiers can cover, they will tell you a bigger number that it actually can. So it’s better to get a humidifier with a bigger coverage just to be sure.

Another thing you should consider is the noise the humidifier makes. It usually makes a gurgling sound, similar to what a coffee maker makes, and if you are bothered by that sound, you should choose a humidifier that makes the least noise. Warm air humidifiers make less noise, but they consume more electricity due to having the water heated. Cool air humidifiers make more noise, but they are more energy-efficient. If you choose to have cool air humidifier, make sure that you consider this, and place it in a place where you won’t mind or notice the noise.

Make sure also that you use a hygrometer to measure the humidity level in your house. When you buy a smaller humidifier to cover a big area in your house, you may not reach the ideal humidity level your house requires. Make sure that this requirement is met before placing your humidifier in a room or a part of your house. Incidentally, too much or too little humidity can both cause problems to your health and to your home. Humidity over 50% can cause mold growth and buildup which broods up all kinds of bacteria. And too little humidity can cause nose and throat irritation, as well as worsen symptoms of cold and allergy problems. When measuring the ideal humidity indoors, it depends on the outdoor humidity. That’s why it’s important to have a hygrometer.

Taking these into consideration, you have a better chance of finding the best house humidifier for you. Just remember that the best one for you doesn’t depend on the brand or its features, but on the efficiency, it brings to your home and family.

Humidity is a very important for every home. In fact, a balanced humidity is important for your family’s health as well as their comfort.

Central Humidifiers are devices that allow you to have balanced moisture in your home. However, when buying one, you need to consider several things first to buy the right central humidifier for your home. Here is a buying guide for you to choose the right central humidifier for your home.

Choose the right model for your home

There are two types of these machines that you can use for your home. These include the drum type and the trickle type. You need to decide first which device you prefer the most.

  • Drum Type: This has a rotating sponge-like surface that absorbs water as it rotates. An automatic humidity sensor regulates the humidity that is released by the entire humidifier. This device requires a lot of maintenance.
  • Trickle Type: This allows fresh water to drip into the top of the alum panel in the device which in turn evaporates to form steam.

Choose the device that delivers quality but does not cost too much

Buying them expensive does not mean that you already got the best one in the market. It is still important to look for these machines; you may find centralized warm or cool mist humidifier, that is sold at lower prices but has the same quality as the best ones.

Choose the device that is easy to maintain

It is important to choose a product that does not require a lot of maintenance. However, when it comes to maintenance, you also need to make sure that the device that you bought is user-friendly.

Dry, flaky skin, chapped lips, cough and cold are just some of the effects of dry, cold weather. If you too are bearing the brunt of excessively dry air, you may consider investing in a humidifier to make your home more comfortable. A humidifier disperses water particles in the air, thus ensuring that the air in your home doesn’t become too dry, despite the weather outside. So, if this has inspired you enough to buy one for yourself, here are few tips which will help you make the right choice.

There are two main categories of humidifiers available in the market, the cool mist and warm mist models. The difference between the two lies in the technology they use to spread water particles in the air.

The cool mist models use one of these three technologies- impeller, evaporate and ultrasonic, the common point between all three is that they increase the moisture content in the air without converting water into hot steam.

These humidifiers consume less electricity, make your home comfortable and are also extremely quiet. However, you must only use distilled water with these humidifiers and make sure that they come with mineral filters, as otherwise, they may raise the amount of minerals and microorganisms in the air.

The second type of humidifiers, warm mist models, work by converting water into steam. The advantage of this technology is that there is little risk of mineral and microorganisms being dispersed in the air, but the disadvantages are that they consume more electricity, disperse less mist than the ultrasonic models and are more expensive.

Once you have made a choice between the two models, look for the following general features-

Check if the humidifier is good enough for the size of your home.Either Humidifier for Single Room or Double room, for a large house with 5 or more rooms, a humidifier must have a capacity of dispersing 3 gallons of water in the air per day.

A humidifier which comes with an auto-shut off feature is worth the investment. Once the pre-set humidity levels are achieved such a humidifier will shut off on its own, which means not only will it be more energy efficient but your home will also always be comfortable.

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